Dr. Slavi Nachev

Dr. Slavi Nachev

Meet Dr. Slavi Nachev, Oral Surgeon & Implantologist


Dr Slavi is  working full time in our Carlow, Waterford & Wexford Clinics. He is passionate about providing best in class care by creating a positive and memorable experience for each patient, fostering trust and loyalty in his practice. His dedication to excellence shines through in the quality of care he provides, earning him a reputation as a trusted and respected healthcare professional in his field.


Dr. Slavi graduated with Honors in Dental Science from Medical University in Sofia in Bulgaria in 2012. After being involved in private practice for several years he sat competitive board examinations and was admitted to a further three-year postgraduate specialty training program as a specialist registrar in Oral surgery in Military Medical Academy Hospital and the University Oral and Maxillofacial Department in Sofia. 5 years later after further board examinations he was awarded the title and rights of Specialist in oral surgery. During that time


The following two years were spent undertaking internships in the OMFS department, Maximillian Universität in Munich, the OMFS department in Ulm University Hospital in Groningen and finally the OMFS department Medica University Centre in the Netherlands


Following on from his internships, Slavi returned to Medical University in Sofia in 2015 to complete a three-year clinical doctorate in Oral Surgery and graduated as a Specialist in Oral Surgery in 2020.


He then achieved a Master’s Degree in Advanced Dental Implantology in Cambridge while working as a Specialist Oral Surgeon in London. Slavi is now fully registered on the Oral Surgery Specialist Register with the Irish Dental Council and is working full time in private practice. In 2023 I was admitted to the Specialist list in Oral surgery with the General Dental Council of the UK and in 2024 likewise with the Dental Council of Ireland.



Dr. Kate Farrell

Specialist in Oral Surgery

Kate graduated with honours in Dental Science from Trinity College Dublin in 2008. The following two years were spent in the Dublin Dental University Hospital, the first as a Junior House Officer and the latter as Senior House Officer in Oral Surgery. During this time, she obtained her MFD from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Kate then worked for a further two years as a Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in St. James’ Hospital Dublin and during this time was awarded an FFD in Oral Surgery/ Oral Medicine by the RCSI.

She then returned to the Dublin Dental University Hospital to complete a three-year clinical doctorate in Oral Surgery and graduated with first class honours in 2015. She completed the Fellowship in Oral Surgery and is registered as an oral surgeon specialist with the Irish Dental Council. Kate currently works as a Fellow in Maxillofacial Pediatric Surgery in Crumlin Children’s Hospital, in the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin as well as in private practice.