Dr. Andreea Iuhasz

Dr. Andreea Iuhasz

Meet Dr. Andreea Iuhasz, Periodontist


Dr. Andreea graduated top of her class from Dentistry in 2017. In 2020, Andreea completed her Specialist Degree in Periodontology while working exclusively treating patients with gum health problems as a hospital resident, furthering her knowledge and skills in the area of diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. She has been working singularly in this field of dentistry since the completion of her advanced training. Andreea is committed to providing exceptional patient care to her patients.


Dr. Andreea regularly attends courses and lectures to expand her knowledge and skillset. She specialises in the active treatment of periodontal or gum disease which is the most prevalent disease in our communities but also in the long term maintenance of gum health once active disease has been treated.


Andreea is available to patients for periodontal problems in our state-of-the-art Newbridge ,Carlow and Waterford locations.

Sarie Liebenberg

Five Minutes with Sarie Liebenberg, Dental Hygienist


Sarie Liebenberg is a passionate Dental Hygienist with a combination of good people skills, compassion for her patients and love for her profession.



1. Where did you start your career?


I began my dentistry career at the School of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.



2. What would you say you enjoy most about dentistry?


Health and aesthetics are no longer mutually exclusive. I love the fact that I can be part of a team that helps create healthy mouths and beautiful smiles. It contributes to overall happiness. I like happy!



3. How do you spend your spare time?


I don’t have a lot of spare time, but if I get a chance, I like to go for a run in the park. It’s like therapy to me. And my greatest spoil is a good book on the couch.



4. What is the last thing you have done to improve your skills/knowledge?


I am a member of several dental study clubs and committees, focusing on bettering ourselves through continuous education. I am also lecturing and writing educational articles. Therefore I am constantly gathering new and updated information.



5. What are some changes that you have witnessed in dentistry since you qualified?


We are taking a holistic approach in oral care focusing on prevention and motivation of the patient and emphasising the link between oral and systemic health.

Dr. Declan MacDonnell

Five Minutes with Dr. Declan MacDonnell, General Dentist


Declan has returned home to Ireland from the UK where he spent several years working as an Implantologist. He enjoys working alongside a team of skilled dental professionals five days a week in our Newbridge clinic. Declan is welcoming new and existing patients for General Dentistry treatments.



Where did you start your dentistry career?

I actually began by studying Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin before transitioning to a career in Dentistry. I then graduated from Peninsula Dental School in Plymouth in 2012.



What do you enjoy most about dentistry?

Dentistry is a very rewarding career. I enjoy the technical nature of it, and the precision it requires. I also love how transformative it can be. Treating a patient, from start to finish, and seeing the difference certain dental treatments can have on their ability to eat normally, or smile confidently, is extremely rewarding.



What is the last thing you have done to improve your skills/knowledge?

Last year, I was awarded a reputable Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK. I believe that it is important for us dental professionals to frequently improve our skills and knowledge. It proves that we are dedicated to our profession.



What is your approach to nervous patients?

I take great pride in my dentistry and always try to engage patients in a friendly and approachable manner. Here at Pembroke Dental, I will be offering a variety of General Dental treatments to nervous patients, from Dental Health Checks and Cleans to Root Canal Treatments and Extractions.

Dr. Kate Farrell

Specialist in Oral Surgery

Kate graduated with honours in Dental Science from Trinity College Dublin in 2008. The following two years were spent in the Dublin Dental University Hospital, the first as a Junior House Officer and the latter as Senior House Officer in Oral Surgery. During this time, she obtained her MFD from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Kate then worked for a further two years as a Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in St. James’ Hospital Dublin and during this time was awarded an FFD in Oral Surgery/ Oral Medicine by the RCSI.

She then returned to the Dublin Dental University Hospital to complete a three-year clinical doctorate in Oral Surgery and graduated with first class honours in 2015. She completed the Fellowship in Oral Surgery and is registered as an oral surgeon specialist with the Irish Dental Council. Kate currently works as a Fellow in Maxillofacial Pediatric Surgery in Crumlin Children’s Hospital, in the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin as well as in private practice.

Dr. Nina King


Having been on the specialist list in the UK since 2006, Nina will be starting work to Ireland as a Prosthodontist with our team. Nina is happy to accept Patients for advanced restorative and cosmetic work , crown and bridge work,  veneers, dentures, and aesthetic dentistry generally. Nina will be supporting our implant patients, forming part of our multidisciplinary team to deliver complex and varied treatment.


Although born in London, her extensive international experience stretches across five countries with dedication to cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry. She has worked and taught in several prestegious UK dental hospitals such as Leeds and Guy’s, and also spent two years working in Dubai in the longest established clinic in the country and holding a clinical teaching post there.


In addition, she spent almost 10 years in Spain where she had her own private practice and worked in collaboration with a highly prestigious, medical plastic surgery center.


She is looking forward to becoming part of the Pembroke Dental team and settling in her husband’s homeland of the Republic of Ireland.


Five minutes with Dr. Nina King


Where did you start your dentistry career?


I studied in London at the Royal London Hospital School Of Medicine and Dentistry. I was born in the UK but I had lived abroad for most of my life until then, so I was excited to get back to University there.


What do you enjoy most about dentistry and how do you spend your spare time?


I enjoy establishing a connection with my patients and am honored that they trust me to help them. Giving someone confidence in their smile again is a great feeling for them and for me!

I am a travel fanatic and love exploring new places, cultures, languages and food. When at home I enjoy reading and simply spending time with the family which includes our two dogs!


What is the last thing you have done to improve your skills/knowledge?


I’m always learning and trying to stay-up-to date. I have been spending a lot of time recently with the Cerec dentistry portal and increasing my knowledge of the technology/applications so I can continue to push digital dentistry forwards.


What are the greatest changes you have seen in dentistry in the last 10 years?


I can´t believe in the past 24 years since qualifying, how quickly things have been advancing. For me it´s about the improvements in materials and their capabilities. I know material science sounds like a very dull field, but adhesive bonding and improved ceramic strengths have changed the way I practice. For example, take Porcelain veneers, some of the materials can be made just 0.4mm thick and we use these to cover the teeth to make smile improvements. That´s almost as thin as a contact lens, so it means less drilling of the teeth, less time, less sensitivity afterwards and still great strength and beauty.


Are you seeing a bigger demand from people who want to improve the appearance of their smiles?


Absolutely! The internet/media has opened up a world of possibilities for people who might be looking at smile improvements.  What I still find so interesting is that many people don´t realize there may be several options available to suit different budgets and lifestyles. Often, I see patients in their 50´s or 60´s who have hated their smiles their whole life but didn´t know that it´s not too late and things can still be changed. For example, if teeth are not straight, it doesn´t necessarily mean they need 18 months of full braces. For the older patient especially, we can sometimes do simpler movements working with the orthodontist and later just do some build ups and whitening to create a much better look. I love seeing people´s reactions when they finally feel they can smile for the camera!

Dr Brenda Barrett

Five Minutes with Dr Brenda Barrett, Clinical Director


1.Where did you start your dentistry career?

I started my dental career at the tender age of seventeen in the Dublin Dental University Hospital in Trinity College, way back in the last century! After graduating as a dentist in 1988, I worked in the UK for a few years and also attended the world-renowned Eastman Dental Hospital to do a post-graduate diploma in General Dentistry.

I acquired Pembroke Dental in 1993, which had an excellent reputation in Carlow Town and I have been trying to build on that reputation since!


2.What do you enjoy most about dentistry and how do you spend your spare time?

I enjoy meeting my patients on a daily basis-many of whom I now consider friends. I am humbled by their trust in my skills and in Pembroke Dental as a team. I also like the buzz of building a great specialist and general dental team around me and enjoy the camaraderie of a positive group of dental professionals.

One of the drawbacks of dentistry as a career is the sedentary nature of the job, so in my spare time, I like activity-walking my lovely dogs, horse riding, cycling and dancing. I have recently joined a choir and warble as best I can amongst friends.


3. What is that last thing you have done to improve your skills/knowledge?

To prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I returned to Trinity College Dublin to complete a Masters in Clinical Dentistry in the Dublin Dental University Hospital in 2018. I am really proud of that achievement as it encompassed all the skills and knowledge I had slowly gathered over the years as a general dental practitioner.


4. You have won the Best Practice Irish Dentistry Awards won numerous occasions, explain as a winner what it took to win this award?

In a few words-Lots of hard work and dedication to our patients! We have worked hard over the years to build a great and dedicated team of dental professionals in Pembroke Dental who can offer the highest quality dentistry to our patients. We believe in giving the very best care, and attention to all who come to us and each member of the team is encouraged to give their utmost. That’s our motto- The patient’s best interest comes first!


5. How would you describe your team in Pembroke Dental?

The Pembroke Dental Team are special is so many ways- talented, dedicated to their patients, positive in their thinking and totally professional while being compassionate towards our patients. They really put the care of our patients first, and I am very proud to be part of this great team.