Smile again with Dental implants

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Smile again with Dental implants

01, Jul 2021

Tooth loss can happen at any stage in life and can affect your general well-being and confidence in your appearance and dental function. A dental implant can restore your oral health and your natural appearance long-term. Here at Pembroke Dental, we are leaders in the field of dental implants and can offer these innovative and reliable tooth replacement treatments.


Our teeth play a fundamental role in our overall health; dental problems can affect what we eat, and the overall appearance of our teeth can affect our self-confidence.


A dental Implant is a titanium “root” that integrates directly with the surrounding jawbone and replaces the function of the natural tooth. Dental Implants are made using the best quality medical grade titanium, which is well known for its proven biocompatibility, and have a treated surface to facilitate bone integration. Dental implants have a very high long term success rate, especially when placed by experts in this field.


The aim of dental implant placement is to improve your health, chewing function and aesthetic appearance. Dental implants are a key treatment option for many with damaged, broken, or decayed teeth, and the transformation can be life changing. The process can seem expensive or intimidating for some patients, and a ‘quick fix’ might be appealing; however, temporary procedures may be unreliable, short-lived and sometimes damaging, which could lead to significant further dental treatment in the future.


What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a small metal medical grade titanium post that is carefully inserted into the gum under local anaesthetic. Once integrated and healed, the Dental Implant will act as a replacement ‘root’ and a custom-made tooth to fit your mouth in size, shape, and colour will be securely attached. You will be able to eat once again, drink and smile with confidence, as the new implant will feel and act similarly to your natural teeth.


Dental Implants provide a long-term replacement of your missing tooth and there are many other benefits including:


  • No drilling necessary on adjacent teeth, this would be required if the tooth is replaced with dental bridgework.
  • Improved ability to bite with your front teeth and chew food
  • Improved support for the lip
  • Improved Cosmetics
  • Improved Confidence
  • Improved Teeth Alignment


Considerations Before Dental Implant Treatment

Implant work will not succeed unless immaculate oral hygiene is maintained long term. Patients who are prone to gum (periodontal) problems can experience similar problems around implant restorations. Diabetic patients are also prone to infection so thorough oral hygiene is a necessary pre-requisite to dental implant treatment.


The key to successful implants is the quality and quantity of jawbone available and we sometimes have to undertake a repair for a deficiency of bone, called bone augmentation or bone graft. This most commonly takes the form of a small augmentation of bone around the neck of the implant. Depending on the size of this deficiency, we can usually carry this out at the same time as implant placement.


The decision to proceed with dental implant treatment is an important and personal one. Certainly, it means a commitment in terms of both time and finance. However, we have found that patients who have completed such treatment have found it well worthwhile.


Dental Implant


The Implant Procedure

The procedure during which the implant is placed is carried out using local anaesthetic. Specialized rotary instruments are used to create spaces in the jawbone into which the implant is placed.


The titanium implant site is then allowed to heal for 2-3 months depending on the bone quality. During this time bone grows around the implant and “locks” it in position


After this healing time an impression or digital scan is taken of the implant area. Our premier Specialist implant laboratory will produce a ceramic crown to match your adjacent teeth in size, shape and colour.


Once the crown is returned from the lab, tried in position, checked, it is then bonded or screwed in permanently. This is as close as you can get to having a natural tooth again.


Implants can last a lifetime if your health is good; especially if you have regular check-ups in our clinic and practice careful oral hygiene.


As with any medical and dental surgical procedure, it is difficult to guarantee a 100% success rate. What we do guarantee is that your surgical, clinical and laboratory procedures will be carried out to the highest standards using only the very best in skills and technology. Failure and complications of dental implants are very rare.


Dental Implant