‘Should I Get My Tongue Pierced?’ Our Answer is No

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‘Should I Get My Tongue Pierced?’ Our Answer is No

09, May 2022

As a dental practice, we must advise our patients against behaviours that may cause harm to their teeth, oral health and/or mouth. Almost all of our patients are aware of the most obvious threats to the quality of their teeth, such as excessive amounts of sugar in the form of carbonated/energy drinks and sweets. Similarly, piercing a hole in your tongue and placing a metal bar in your mouth will interfere with your oral health. However, many people do not consider the implications that a tongue piercing can have on their teeth when they decide to get it pierced, especially at a young age.


We are supportive of individuals that choose to express their individuality through body modifications; however, we aim to educate and inform our patients before they make the decision to get oral piercings.


Chipped Teeth

Many young people with oral piercings eventually require crowns – which can be costly! The tooth enamel can chip or crack from being hit with the metal bar. A crown may be the only option to save a chipped tooth.


Receding Gums

It is common for people with tongue piercings to experience receding gums, also known as gingival recession, on the inside of their teeth. This can result in various oral hygiene problems.


Bad Breath

When plaque builds up on the teeth, it can cause bad breath. With the addition of a metal bar in the mouth, plaque has the chance to build up around the metal and it can be difficult to remove.


The Irish Dental Association has also highlighted a number of problems that can occur when an individual gets their tongue pierced, including oral infections, gum disease, nerve damage etc.


We hope that you are now fully informed about the dangers of tongue piercings. If you have been recently considering getting an oral piercing, then perhaps rethink it again. Is it worth getting now that you know the risks involved?


If you have your tongue pierced and are experiencing any of the above oral health issues, please visit one of our General Dentists for a Dental Health Check.