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Root Canal Treatment

Dentist examining patient xray

Root Canal Treatment

Regular dental health checks increase the likelihood that any decay will be detected early, so it can be quickly and easily treated with a filling. However, in some cases, the decay is more advanced and has traveled down deeper into the tooth. This is when a root canal treatment is required, which will treat the underlying problem and relieve any pain or swelling.

For many people, the thought of a root canal fills them with dread, but this is likely to be based on historical experiences. With today’s techniques and technologies, a root canal treatment is a smooth, comfortable process, which offers a great way to keep your natural tooth – which is the ideal solution for the overall health of your mouth. If your dentist feels a root canal treatment is the best option for you, they will take the time to explain the treatment, why it is necessary and answer any questions you may have. They will then carefully administer a local anesthetic to ensure you feel comfortable throughout your treatment. Additional support is available to nervous patients.

Dentist completing a patients examination

The top of the infected tooth is then opened and the soft tissue inside the canals is removed. The inside of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and filled with an inert dental gutta-percha material. A crown or filling is then used to seal the top of the tooth, which will look and function as normal. It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene once your treatment is complete, so we would recommend regular hygiene therapy appointments to long term support the tooth.

On occasion, your dentist may refer you to an Endodontist who specialises in complex root canal treatments to give you the best possible outcome. Our specialist, Dr. Shah Nawaz will work closely with your dentist throughout your treatment giving you complete confidence that you are under the care of a professional, experienced multi-disciplinary team located all under one roof.