My Adult Tooth Fell Out… What Should I Do?

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My Adult Tooth Fell Out… What Should I Do?

13, Jun 2022

It can be a shock when you lose a permanent adult tooth, but it is quite a common occurrence. While it is often due to tooth decay or infection, it can also occur after trauma to your face or mouth. This most commonly happens while playing contact sports such as rugby, GAA and boxing, or following a cycling or car accident. It is useful to understand what to do in this emergency situation. If your adult tooth falls out, your smile can still be saved, but you must follow the below steps. We always aim to restore our patients’ natural teeth.


A common myth about losing an adult tooth is that it cannot be saved. This is technically untrue! The truth is, if you take the appropriate care and visit your dentist right away, then the tooth may be able to be saved. We recommend the following advice:


  • Avoid touching the root. Hold the tooth by the crown to avoid damaging the root.


  • Do not apply anything to the tooth. Simply rinse with it with cool water and avoid drying it.


  • Firstly, try gently inserting it back into the socket with your fingers. If you cannot place it back in, then place it in a cup of milk or water to keep it moist and protect it.


  • Call our Patient Care Team immediately on 0818 211 211. We will do everything in our power to get you seen by one of our dentists right away.


If your tooth cannot be saved, then you will need to consider possible treatment options to replace it. Dental implants are an effective and comfortable treatment option. Our Implant Specialists can carry out an assessment of your teeth and guide you as to what they believe is in your best dental interests.


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