Mission Control and Mission Statement

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Mission Control and Mission Statement

30, Jun 2019

So, it’s been 50 years since Man landed on the moon with one giant leap for mankind! Since that mega-achievement, we have all become familiar with mission control and mission statements from NASA in Houston, Texas.


What’s the connection with Pembroke Dental?

We at Pembroke Mission Control, have been devising our own mission statement with you, our patient, in mind. It’s not as exciting or as groundbreaking as what happens in Houston for us, but it lays down our marker to become the leading dental group in Leinster.

Have a look at what you can expect from us-


Our Promise and Ethos

There are the five main principles that Pembroke Dental abides by and that patients can expect us to adhere to without compromise.


Pembroke Dental is

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Caring
  • Responsive to Patients’ Needs
  • Well-led and Well Managed


In layman’s terms, this means:


  • Everything in our clinics will be clean.
  • Pembroke Dental will keep patient’s personal information and clinical notes private, secure and safe.
  • Patients should be involved in all stages of their treatment, and their input sought and considered when carrying out any treatment
  • Patients should have a treatment plan that is appropriate for them and their needs.
  • Pembroke Dental will listen to anything that our patients have to say -we will consider and react to any complaints they make.
  • Patients should be informed of what is happening concerning their care all the time.
  • Patients should be asked for their consent for all administrative and clinical treatment.
  • All staff should always treat patients with respect and courtesy.
  • Pembroke Dental should endeavour to keep patients safe and prevent any injury to patients while attending our clinics.
  • Pembroke Dental will employ appropriate staff who know how to do their job correctly and are suitably trained.