How Soon Should I Take My Child To The Dentist/Hygienist?

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How Soon Should I Take My Child To The Dentist/Hygienist?

13, Jul 2023


It goes without saying that good oral health is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s overall health – regardless of which stage of your life. It is possible to get a child through childhood and even adulthood without dental decay or gum disease. The sooner a child is given the opportunity to have a dental examination and dental cleaning the better. It is obviously different for each child, but the aim is to have them in the dental chair as soon as they are willing to.


Like with many things in life, the sooner you start the better. For instance, great effort will be made to create good eating habits or a good sleeping pattern. And we understand, if we want success, we need to do this as early as possible. It is so much easier to establish a good habit than to break a bad one. If we want the best for our mouths, our method should be the same. Start early and do it correctly so that we can share in the great benefit. It is not only about doing an examination and cleaning your child’s teeth. It is to build trust, that in the unfortunate event of them having to have dental treatment, they associate it with something good and beneficial rather than a traumatic experience.


It is so important to be aware of how you communicate with your child in relation to the Dentist. If you were unfortunate to have had a bad experience and therefore have a fear or dislike in the dentist/hygienist, you do not want to project your fear onto your child. Even when talking to other adults, be mindful when your child is nearby. They pick up so much from our conversations. Children are sensitive and tuned into our non-verbal communication. If you have an underlying negativity regarding the dentist, or anything else for that matter, you will have difficulty to hide it if you don’t make a concerted effort. With technology and new techniques used in dentistry, there is no reason to create a perception of fear. Choose a dental practice that is child friendly and focus on prevention.