How dental implants restored one man’s smile-a Pembroke Dental success story

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How dental implants restored one man’s smile-a Pembroke Dental success story

14, Oct 2021

As a greengrocer by trade and a cycling enthusiast in his spare time, Billy Lonergan had always been a healthy man. Never a smoker and only having a drink on special occasions, it came as a shock when at 60, Billy found that two of his front teeth were seriously decayed and that after two failed root canals, he faced the possibility of having the teeth removed. “Running a fruit and veg shop, I spend most of my time chatting to customers so I didn’t feel great when my dentist told me that the previous treatments had now failed following years of service and that I faced extractions.’


A friend recommended Pembroke Dental in Kilkenny and Billy booked in to see Dr Brenda Barrett. She explained that she worked with visiting specialist, Dr Sinead Allis, a specialist in dental implants, and that together, they could provide him with two dental implants. As long standing colleagues, Brenda and Sinead collaborate together at Pembroke for the benefit of their patients.


After carrying out some X-rays, Brenda confirmed that although Billy’s front teeth could no longer be saved, his gums and bones were fundamentally healthy. Due to his good general health, 60 year old Billy was an ideal candidate for implant surgery. This involves the removal of the un-fixable tooth and placement of a titanium post.


Titanium is a material which integrates or joins solidly with bone. Once it’s firmly rooted in the jaw, a crown can be added to the implant. Brenda explained that she would supervise manufacture of the crowns in Pembroke Dental digital dental Lab which would then be placed over the implants, which would look like natural teeth. Reassured that he would be able to eat and smile with complete confidence, he decided to proceed.


Although implants are more costly than a bridge or a denture, they are a long-term investment for anyone wanting to replace missing on non-functioning teeth. Specialist, Dr Allis explained: “An implant is the closest thing to a like-for-like tooth replacement currently available. I expect  a success rate of more than 90%. Implants can last for lifetime if a patient’s dental hygiene routine remains good.”


Other benefits:

  • Successful implants stimulate the jaw to produce healthy bone preventing bone loss.
  • Unlike a dental bridge, implants do not affect healthy neighbouring teeth
  • Implants can help prevent premature signs of ageing by filling the face shape back out that may have been changed with previous tooth loss.



After a just a few appointments spread over  several months , Billy’s implants were placed and his life was back to normal. “I am so pleased with the results of my treatment with Dr Allis. She really is an expert in her field. My two front teeth look and feel natural. The only passing comment that has been made is how I seem back to my old self. I’m back eating lots of apples and pears and having a craic with my customers.”


Brenda Barrett is the principal dentist at Pembroke Dental. After graduating with honours from Trinity College Dublin in 1988. She spent 5 years in the UK in general practice and then another two years undergoing postgraduate training at the Eastman Dental Hospital in London. Brenda returned to her hometown of Carlow, in 1995 taking over Pembroke Dental.


Sinead Allis specialises in the placement and restoration of dental implants as well as advanced dental procedures. She graduated from University College Cork in 1989 and from 1998-2002, she completed her Masters of Science degree from the Eastman Hospital in London in Advanced Restorative Dentistry. She currently works in Pembroke Dental Kilkenny.


Billy Lonergan is an invented name of a current Pembroke Dental patient