Hair Removal & Reduction

Woman having laser hair removal on her legs

Laser Hair Removal

Over the last few decades, lasers have proven to be effective in providing fast & long-lasting hair removal. Laser hair removal is used to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth and can be used on the face, chin, upper neck, legs, lips, bikini area, underarms, arms, feet, hands, back, chest and stomach.

At Pembroke Dermal we use the LightSheer Technology Laser from Lumenis, it is clinically proven to deliver results and effectively treats the broadest patient population. The system safely treats almost all skin types, included tanned skin. The light emitted by the laser penetrates to the root of the hair where it is converted to a heat energy destroying the hair itself. The hair will eventually fall out over 14-21 days.

We advise having a minimum of six sessions. Sessions are required to be performed with a 4-6 weeks interval for facial hair and 6 - 8 weeks interval for body hair. Usually, with our laser machine, we have an estimate of 70-80% hair reduction after 6 sessions, depending on the individual's circumstances. We recommend a thorough consultation with our experienced laser hair removal technician to determine your specific laser hair removal treatment plan. Whether you are interested in targeted laser facial hair removal or full body laser hair removal, we have a treatment plan for you!