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Dental Hygiene

Dentist giving a dental hygiene check

Dental Hygiene

We believe in keeping our patients healthy and our hygienists have always played an important role in achieving this goal. Our hygienist will provide a thorough clean and polish to remove harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth designing an individual homecare and hygiene program to match your dental needs - whether it is chatting about your diet or demonstrating up to date cleaning techniques and brushes to help reach those awkward spaces.

For younger patients, we are also able to apply special coatings known as fissure sealants to molar teeth, which gives them extra protection from decay. Our hygienists work closely with our dentists to make sure you receive excellent all-round care, so you can have complete peace of mind that you are maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

At Pembroke Dental, our periodontist (gum specialist) Dr. Philip Christie takes care of our patients with advanced gum health problems. Dr. Christie provides customised advanced hygiene treatments for gums and treatment for tooth sensitivity leading our hygiene team to ensure gum health is maintained long term.