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Dental Fillings & Extractions

Dentist giving a man a filling

Dental Fillings & Extractions

As we enjoy more sugary food and drinks as part of the modern diet, the levels of tooth decay in both adults and children has risen. With early detection at your regular dental health check, we can carry out an easy repair by way of a filling.

Many people worry about a filling, but modern techniques mean this is a quick, painless procedure. We will always take the time to discuss the treatment with you and will gently administer a local anaesthetic to make sure you are completely comfortable. If you are a Nervous Patient, we can also offer safe sedation and additional support so you can get the treatment you need.

Dentist reaching for her tools in surgery

Your dentist will then thoroughly clean out the decay and apply a composite cosmetic filling material. This special substance has been developed to be very hardwearing, and we can match the colour to your other teeth, so you won’t be able to see the filling, a considerable difference to the dark metal fillings many people are familiar with. Once your treatment is complete, one of our team will explain the best way to look after your filling and will recommend you attend regular appointments with our Hygienists to prevent any future problems occurring.

Unfortunately, from time to time, despite best efforts to save a tooth it may be too damaged to repair and an extraction is needed. Our experienced and gentle approach combined with huge advances in recent years makes this procedure painless and effortless.