Pembroke Dental was recognized as the “Best Child-Friendly Practice in Ireland” at the 2017 and 2018 Irish Dental Awards. Home of the “Cool Clean Club”, we remain committed to supporting and helping young people understand the importance of maintaining correct dental health homecare habits for life.

From the moment your child has developed teeth in the mouth, it’s a good idea to start taking care of them by using an age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste. We encourage early dental visits to see us also as we believe that by educating and supporting children from a young age, we can help them enjoy a lifetime of good dental health. We focus on creating a relaxed, welcoming environment at all our clinics, and look to support your children in a friendly, age-appropriate way when it comes to learning about and looking after their teeth. Our core belief is that preventing dental problems occurring in the first instance is always better than cure.

he Cool Clean Club

The Cool Clean Club

We have a dedicated children’s dental education centre, The Cool Clean Club which is located in Carlow town. The club is run by our dental nurse and oral health educator Rachel Murphy and is open to children aged 5 -12 years old. The club includes fun and games with our very own mascot Whitey the Wizardess. With regular dental health checks, your dentist will be able to monitor the growth progress of your children’s teeth, gums and jaws as they start to lose teeth and develop their adult set.

We can work with you to plan their future treatment needs, which could include extra protection with fissure sealants from our hygienists, or teeth straightening to improve their bite and their confidence to smile. Our goal is to support your children to have healthy teeth for life.


Dental Health Check
Child € 50
Other Treatments
Preventative Resin Restoration € 70
Fissure Seals (Per Tooth) € 40
Stainless Steel Crown € 150
Other Services
Cool Clean Club € 15