Invisalign Go

Invisalign Go

An orthodontic clear aligner system for treating minor problems in 3-9 months. At Pembroke Dental, we’re excited to introduce Invisalign Go, the newest clear aligner system from Invisalign. Our specially trained dentists can now offer you this clear aligner system which can straighten teeth in less time; some patients will see results within three to six months, compared to two to three years with other options.


Invisalign Go is mainly suitable for more simple tooth straightening issues. For adults who are considering straightening their teeth, but are concerned that treatment may take too long, Invisalign Go might be the solution. Where ordinary fixed braces can take between 18 months and 2 years to align teeth. Invisalign Go delivers results in less than a year, with the average treatment time between 3–9 months, depending on the work required.


Like the original Invisalign system, Invisalign Go uses virtually invisible clear aligners to gradually and gently move your teeth into the correct position. These aligners are removable so are ideal for fitting into daily activities.



  • Invisalign Go can treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusion
  • Comfortable to wear and very discreet
  • Fit with your lifestyle
  • Require less dental visits compared to traditional braces

If you are wondering whether Invisalign Go might be an option for you, the first step is to speak to our Orthodontic Specialists who can answer all your questions and carry out a full suitability assessment of your teeth and bite. If you are not suitable for Invisalign Go, they will discuss further orthodontic options for you if you wish.


How long will my Invisalign Go treatment take?

Every case is different, depending on the degree of teeth straightening required. Some patients will see final results within just three to six months. It also depends how often you want to wear your aligners. We recommend at least 20 hours a day, but you can remove them for eating or brushing your teeth.


What’s the difference between the original Invisalign system and the new Invisalign Go?

Results are quicker with Invisalign Go and it’s also a lower cost option.


 Can any dentist offer Invisalign Go?

Only Invisalign-approved dental clinics can offer Invisalign. We have undergone specialised training and are accredited providers. You will usually come for check-ups every six to eight weeks so we can review your progress.


Do I have to follow a special diet when wearing Invisalign Go aligners?

Invisalign Go works around you and your lifestyle; they can be removed for eating so you can drink and eat anything you want.


Invisalign Go Double Arch € 4,900

*Full quotation at the time of visit.
*Treatment is Tax Deductible.

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