Fast Braces

Fast Braces

An orthodontic system for treating minor problems in 3-9 months. Fastbraces are for adult patients and can be a great option for straightening teeth in time for a big event.


Fast braces are mainly suitable for more simple straightening issues. For adults who are considering straightening their teeth, but are concerned that treatment may take too long, we can offer a solution in the form of Fastbraces. Where ordinary fixed braces can take between 18 months and 2 years to align teeth. Fastbraces deliver results in less than a year, with the average treatment time between 3–9 months, depending on the work required.


Fastbraces work by using a special bracket that moves both the tooth and root together. If you have a big event on the horizon, such as a wedding, Fastbraces could be the solution to getting a straight smile you can be proud of for the big day.


If you are wondering whether Fastbraces might be an option for you, the first step is to speak to Dr. Raksha Batajoo who can answer all your questions and carry out a full suitability assessment of your teeth and bite. If you decide to go ahead, Dr. Raksha, a Master Fastbraces affiliate, will fix the special brackets to the front of your teeth, which will be connected by a wire to apply gentle pressure to the teeth. If you are not suitable for Fastbraces ,she will discuss further orthodontic options for you such as Invisalign if you wish.


Fastbraces € 2,800 – € 3,300

*Full quotation at the time of visit.
*Treatment is Tax Deductable.