DAVINA IS ALL GO!-Invisalign Go!

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DAVINA IS ALL GO!-Invisalign Go!

01, Feb 2020

As we all know, Davina is green; green go at most times-but since she has trained as an Invisalign Go provider, we cannot stop her.


We at Pembroke Dental have been providing our patients with Invisalign clear aligners for years and our specialist orthodontist and specialist Invisalign provider, Akram Jasim, can treat the most challenging tooth and jaw alignment problems for both adults and children/teenagers using the brand leading Invisalign and Invisalign Teen system. We have invested in digital technology in the shape of the Itero digital scanner so no messy gloopy dental impressions in our practices.

But what if you only need small tweaks and changes to your pearly white smile- then look no further because Davina can now treat these minor dental discrepancies using Invisalign GO in less time and at a lower cost than traditional Invisalign Full or Teen. She has years of experience in the orthodontic field, having assisted in orthodontic treatment in a former life B.C[Before Carlow!].

Why choose Invisalign Go?

  • Reduced treatment time and cost, between 3-6 months
  • Aligners are comfortable to wear and almost not noticeable
  • They fit your lifestyle rather than disrupt it, whether you are busy with work, school or travel
  • They require less dental visits compared to traditional braces


Now, not everyone is suitable for Invisalign Go unfortunately but why not come into us in Pembroke Carlow and talk to Davina to see if you are suitable? She will give you all the details you need and soon you could be” on the Go “in no time.