Christmas Time, Teeth Whitening and Wine

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Christmas Time, Teeth Whitening and Wine

30, Nov 2019

Ok, there is only one more week left in November, Can I now spread Christmas cheer loud and clear for all to hear? I may have watched Elf twice already, can you tell? As from next week, my social life is going from eating beans on toast in my finery from the Penney’s sleepwear section to a Christmas frenzy of glittery tinsel, dresses, shoes and Prosecco. Let’s be honest at Christmas we want everything about us to shine but most of all we want our teeth to sparkle (actually in my case I would like some nice sparkly diamonds for Christmas, cough cough boyfriend that is directed at you).


These days we are bombarded with marketing ploys of celebrities endorsing all kinds of teeth whitening kits, promising if you use this product you too will have a smile like the Kardashians. Well if that is the case then sign me up and take all my money. Sadly it is all a ruse and more often than not these over the counter products are causing more harm than good and in some cases are weakening your teeth. So can we too have glorious pearly whites, the likes you would see on the red carpet?


Well, I say yes, at Pembroke Dental we use Zoom Whitening. This is a safe, effective and fast whitening procedure. In just over an hour, your teeth can be dramatically brighter. Our Dentist will discuss the shade of white that you are looking for and also what is realistic and possible. Our patients are asked to come in and have a chat with our Dentists and also have a dental health check or brief examination before any whitening treatment can commence. The Dentist will make sure that you are already dentally healthy and will discuss the options most suitable and effective for you


Now that I know how I am going to get my smile selfie-ready, all I need to do next is persuade my Boyfriend to buy me Diamonds for Christmas that will gleam just as much as my new smile!