Botox is Back!

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Botox is Back!

15, Jul 2020

The last few months have been hard on us all, with added stresses in so many ways that may have contributed a little to our aging process overall as a nation.

Thankfully our country is reopening again and finally in late June, the hairdressers who tend to our flowing locks received the go ahead to get their scissors whirring again.

At the same time, another important field reopened but not quite with the same fanfare as hairdressers -Facial Aesthetics and their providers. To those in the know, facial aesthetics are nearly as essential to wellbeing and grooming as a great coiffure.


So ,with great pleasure, we can announce that Dr Mary Ward is again providing our ‘smoothening’ and ‘relaxing’ devices in the form of Botox injections as well as a myriad of new and innovative facial aesthetics services such as dermal fillers ,Profhilo and Sunekos treatments .Facial aesthetics are Mary’s passion and we are delighted she is now expanding her hours and locations with us in Pembroke Dermal. She is available for consultation and treatment provision on Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays at our Carlow and Provincial House Kilkenny locations.


As ever, she is ably assisted by Ramona Palos, our in-house Aesthetician-Ramona herself is now available by appointment for laser hair removal, chemical skin peels, microdermabrasion and other advanced skin treatments.

We have introduced an online appointment scheduling service for Pembroke Dermal and all our other branches which is available on our website with further information on the services and treatments provided by Pembroke Dermal.

Why not book a free consultation appointment online today and banish those lockdown frown and worry lines? The New You could be just one visit to Pembroke Dermal away.