Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo is a new skin rejuvenation treatment that is growing in demand and is becoming more popular than Dermal Fillers as it restores both skin and fat layers to their natural state. Profhilo is an injectable hyaluronic acid-based product that treats the skin’s laxity. Profhilo brings back the youth and plumpness to your skin by boosting & hydrating the skin and remodelling the aging tissue.

How it Works

Profhilo stimulates the four different types of Collagen and Elastin. The slow release of hyaluronic acid will stimulate the different types of Collagen and Elastin, it is this stimulation that significantly tightens/lifts the tissue which will improve skin quality.


The injections are administered by Emily in our dermal clinic. A course of 2 treatments is recommended, 1 month apart from each other. The treatment can take as little as 10 minutes. Results can be noticed immediately. The skin will appear firmer, have more elasticity and the quality of the skin will greatly improve. These improvements will usually last up to 6 months after treatment. Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own in combination with other aesthetic treatments.

Benefits of Profhilo Treatment
  •  Healthy more vibrant skin
  •  Reduces loose & drooping skin
  •  Lines & wrinkles less noticeable
  •  Minimal recovery time needed
  •  Lines & wrinkles less noticeable
  •  Preferred by patients


Cost starts from €300 per treatment.