Lanluma Bum Lift

Lanluma Bum Lift

The Lanluma bum lift is an amazing non-surgical bum enhancement treatment.

Lanluma bum injections are a safe procedure, the primary component of Lanluma is Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) which has been used safely in aesthetic medicine for decades. It gives your buttocks a more rounded and desirable appearance by stimulating your natural collagen production.

This non-surgical bum lifts revolutionary procedure helps you to achieve your desired appearance without the risk of BBL surgery. The bum lift procedure has very little risk or downtime, unlike BBL surgery. Best of all, because results are created using the body’s own natural collagen response, therefore bum lift rejuvenation looks and feels completely natural.

When used for a non-surgical bum lift, Lanluma creates a more even appearance by correcting the hip to waist ratio as well as plumping up the deficient areas of the buttocks with the new collagen. Lanluma provides a steady enhancement in skin volume when used for a bum lift. It sets off a deep tissue regeneration reaction that stimulates your own natural collagen. This steady growth in natural collagen allows for a more comfortable treatment progression and less likelihood of stretch marks which is common with BBL surgery.

Why choose the Lanluma bum lift over Dermal Filler?

Unlike dermal filler which has become a popular option for a non-surgical bum lift – Lanluma doesn’t just fill the depressed areas of the buttocks like a gel but instead works deep within the skin to stimulate your own natural collagen production, meaning it gives a more natural look and feel than dermal filler. With Lanluma, the non-surgical bum lift can maintain results for two to three years which is a longer period of time in comparison to most body dermal fillers. Subsequent top-up treatments after two to three years can help maintain the buttock volume and shape.