Dr. Teresa De Porras

Dr. Teresa De Porras

General Dentist

My passion for dentistry can be traced back to a childhood interest in all things minute and detailed-so I am very suited to my chosen profession!


I like getting people excited about their dental health and how we, as dentists, can influence dental and overall health.


I  was awarded my primary degree in dentistry in 2019 from the University of Grenada in Southern Spain and then gained valuable experience working in general practice in Malaga before joining Pembroke Dental in 2021. I love my job as a general dentist with the wide variety of skills involved in the provision of high quality dentistry.



Outside of my surgery hours, I am currently studying for my Masters Thesis in Dentistry. I am dedicated to my patients and studies and aim to provide a modern attitude to dental treatment coupled with best practice and a cheery outlook.



I lived in Ireland as a child and have returned to live the Irish way of life-the sea, the countryside and the people.


I love languages and different cultures and enjoy the everyday interactions with my patients.


My belief is that dentists should be approachable, inclusive and (yes) fun-and  I put this into practice every day!