Dr. Amar M. Thiyab

Dr. Amar M. Thiyab

General Dentist

Five Minutes with Dr Amar M. Thiyab, Dentist


1. Where did you start your dentistry career?

I graduated from dental school in 2007 and worked as a general dentist for 6 years in three different countries. My keen interest and ambition to create beautiful smiles and tooth restorations guided me to enhance my skills and knowledge in these fields. So, I went back to study Restorative and Implant dentistry at master degree level and I was delighted to be awarded a master’s degree in 2017 from UiTM University in Malaysia .I also became a Fellow in Periodontology and Implantology in the same year from Genova University in Italy.

As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry since 2014, I have worked on advanced full mouth and smile rehabilitations in the Faculty of Dentistry of UiTM University where I was a Senior lecturer in Restorative Dentistry. This work gave me the opportunities to reach my patient’s highest expectations with my best practice and scientific approach. I try to bring that approach to my work here in Pembroke Dental. I always believe in listening and sharing with the patient all the treatment processes and decisions. Complete patient satisfaction is my optimum goal.

My family and I really enjoy living in Ireland where we have been made most welcome -I believe we will make Ireland our permanent home. In my spare time, I like to read novels, play soccer and have fun family times.


2. Why is the routine dental health check so important?

Most dental problems have chronic causes and start slowly without our patients noticing any signs and symptoms -for example dental decay/cavities and gum disease. By the time, our patients are aware of any problems, dental disease can already be widespread and difficult to treat. We would like to control any problems before they get out of hand. That is where the routine dental check comes in-modern dentists are trained to diagnose any dental problems early. Any diagnosed problems remain small and any treatment required is easy.

Prevention is always better than cure is a good and true adage. We will work with you to prevent dental disease occurring. But there is another very important reason to come in for your routine dental health check-a lot of dental health problems are linked to your overall health -for example, gum health has recognised links to heart health so by keeping your overall dental health stable and tip-top, you can help your general health too.


3. Why are my gums bleeding?

Dental plaque and gum tartar are the most common causes of gum bleeding. Dental plaque is an invisible collection of bacteria that collects mainly at gum level around your teeth which ultimately can fuse to your teeth -a hard build-up called tartar. This collection of bacteria needs several weeks/months to cause signs of gum disease. The first reversible sign of gum disease is inflammation of your gums leading to easy bleeding of your gums when brushing or flossing.

Patients are now starting to get worried and sometimes avoid brushing or flossing for fear of making the situation worse. But by keeping to a good oral hygiene regime, our patients can achieve a healthy gum without abnormal bleeding and recession. Flossing and brushing effectively is essential and we can design a suitable home care programme for you. With routine dental checks and easy gum treatments, we can keep gum disease at bay.


4. I take a lot of medication, do I need to tell my dentist and if so why?

We, as dentists ,need to know about your general health so we can treat you in the safest and best way possible .Knowing what medicines you take is quite essential as we wish to avoid any interference with your daily medical routine when undertaking dental treatment .A lot of medications can cause mouth effects such as dry mouth and we need to be aware of potential problems that you might have so we can work out suitable home care programmes to help you. We do understand that filling out medical history forms can be a tedious chore but we are always thinking of your safety and health.