Dr. Paulina Bodrug

Dr. Paulina Bodrug

Braces & Orthodontics

Parascovia ‘Paulina’ Bodrug is a friendly, newly-qualified Orthodontist based in Pembroke Dental’s Waterford practice. Paulina is offering free Orthodontic consultations for new and existing patients in Waterford.

Let’s hear from Dr. Paulina herself:


What is your background?

I was born and raised in Moldova, a small country nestled between Romania and Ukraine. My career in dentistry began in Romania, before travelling to Ireland to work with Pembroke Dental in 2021. Since then, I have joined a course dedicated to TMJ Disorder and Occlusion. I have also attended many lectures in Biomechanics & Aesthetics in Orthodontics.


How do you spend your spare time?

Outside of dentistry, I enjoy the outdoors. Cycling and yoga are some of my favourite hobbies.


What are some changes that you have witnessed in dentistry since you qualified?

In the past 5-10 years, I have noticed significant changes in Orthodontics. Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of their oral health, not just for health reasons, but also for aesthetic and social reasons. It has become more popular among teenagers especially, as they are always eager to undergo Orthodontic treatment in order to have a beautiful smile. Also, with the advancements and recent developments in technology, braces have improved in size and quality. There are also more options, including metal or ceramic braces and clear aligners. This helps improve the efficiency of the treatment.