Dr. Lucian Costin

Dr. Lucian Costin

General Dentist

Five Minutes with Dr. Lucian Costin, General Dentist

Dr. Lucian is a General Dentist working full time in our Bunclody and Wexford Clinics.


Lucian is a skilled Dentist with many years’ experience as a General Dentist with a focus on Endodontics. He is proficient in all aspects of General Dentistry for patients of all ages and backgrounds due to his extensive work as a dentist in his home country of Romania.


Dr Lucian’s patients will love his work hard and commitment, his dedication to patient care, his meticulous approach towards the clinical procedures and the great pride he takes in his work.


Let’s hear from Lucian himself:


  1. Where did you start your dentistry career?


I started my career in dentistry in 2014 in St. Spiridon Hospital in Iasi, Romania.


  1. What do you enjoy most about dentistry and how do you spend your spare time?


I am interested in all aspects of dentistry, especially Endodontic procedures.


In my spare time I like to swim and hike, there are many beautiful locations to explore in Ireland and I look forward to exploring more of Wexford and the surrounding areas. I am also very interested in history and when time allows I enjoy watching history documentaries.


  1. What is the last thing you have done to improve your skills/knowledge?


I believe that is very important to keep up to date with new dentistry techniques and skills. I am always looking for new courses to learn new techniques and I also watch many lectures online on topics that I am interested in.


  1. What is your top tip for Oral Health?


My top tip for Oral Health is to avoid drinking cola, fizzy drinks or any other refreshing beverage with sugar or artificial sweeteners. I would also advise patients to avoid adding sugar to their coffee or tea.