Dr. Ashkan Azima

Dr. Ashkan Azima

General Dentist

Five Minutes with Dr. Ashkan Azima, General Dentist

Dr Ashkan is a General Dentist working full time in our Granby Clinic in Carlow

Ashkan is a skilled Dentist with many years’ experience as a General Dentist He was Born in Tehran and raised in San Diego, California.

Dr. Ashkan’s patients will love his work hard and commitment, his dedication to patient care, his meticulous approach towards the clinical procedures and the great pride he takes in his work.


Let’s hear from Ashkan himself:


  1. Where did you start your dentistry career?


I started my career in dentistry in San Diego at my family practice and then in Charlotte, North Carolina obtained my BA in  biology before I continued my post grad in Europe


  1.  How do you spend your spare time?


In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling , walking dogs and horses. Also playing tennis, golf and snowboarding.


  1. What is the last thing you have done to improve your skills/knowledge?


I undertook a restorative program in Glasgow and reading Dr. Didier Dietschi literature and publications.


  1. What is your top tip for Oral Health?


My top tip for Oral Health is to floss after each meal.