Meet Our Team

Our team

Pembroke is a warm and friendly place and the staff are very caring and attentive. I'm not keen on going to the dentist at all but felt comfortable here.
- Charlotte Raynsford

Dr Brenda Barrett

Principal Dentist

Dr Davina Graham

General Dentist

Dr. Akram Jasim

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Shah Nawaz


Dr. Mary Ward

Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Amar M. Thiyab

General Dentist

Dr. Samantha Michael


Ramona Palos

Lead Aesthetician

Dr Mehwish Mansoor

General Dentist

Dr. Hadeel Omer

General Dentist

Dr. Raksha Batajoo

Braces and Orthodontics, Dentist

Julie Rothwell

Dental Hygienist

Alex Yalnuzov

Lab Technician

Dr. Kate Farrell

Specialist in Oral Surgery

Dr. Justin Moloney

Specialist in Oral Surgery

Dr. Darrelle Power

Cosmetic Dentistry, Specialist Dentistry

Dr. Philip Christie

Implant Dentistry, Periodontal

Dr. Breandán O Niadh

Implant Dentistry, Implant Retained Dentures

Yvonne O’Flynn


Jennifer O’Neill


Dr. Maghnus O’Donnell

Braces and Orthodontics, Specialist Orthodontist

Dr Lina Shams

General Dentist

Dr Aditya Vickram, BDS, MFD,RCSI

Dentist, Implant Dentistry